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European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in Italy (Puglia/Apulia)

Regione Puglia/Apulia is the public authority responsible for the ERDF implementation in the Puglia/Apulia region in Italy.


Publication date
1 January 2021
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
31 December 2027, 23:59 (CET)
Level of funding
  • Regional level


Regione Puglia/Apulia is the public authority responsible for the ERDF implementation in the Puglia/Apulia region in Italy. It manages the regional ERDF and ESF+ Operational Programme 2021-2027, which includes the following priorities for ERDF:

  • Competitiveness and Innovation: The Region aims to increase income and employment levels by combining support for the expansion of competitiveness in particular of SMEs, through the consolidation of existing supply chains and the creation of new specializations, with the creation of new quality jobs. Particular attention is paid to the training of workers and the strengthening of digital skills capable of accompanying them towards the transition process.
  • Green Economy: The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions, counter the negative consequences of existing climate change and enhance the opportunities deriving from the development of the circular economy.
  • Sustainable urban mobility: This axis intends to pursue the improvement of air quality specifically concerning urban areas.
  • Transport: This axis is aimed at strengthening the Ten-T network, and public and digital transport networks by reducing the digital divide and ensuring accessibility to services.
  • Education, Training and Employment: The regional plan envisages both strengthening the institutional capacity to respond to training and employment needs by improving services and facilitating access to the latter with interventions on infrastructures, and responding to the needs of the labour market through a requalification of the training offer.
  • Welfare and health: This axis aims to respond to the social needs of the community in an integrated manner with specific objectives oriented towards the restructuring of the territorial services system, welfare and social housing, and interventions aimed at guaranteeing individualised paths towards socio-economic insertion.
  • Urban development:  The regional program promotes economic revitalization and urban regeneration interventions through tourism, culture and natural resources, as a boost to local development.


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