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Pact for Skills
Press and Multipliers

The Pact for Skills aims to support private and public organisations. Spread the word within your professional networks by sharing this page

Adapting to the changing labour market

The European labour market is going through major changes caused by the digital and green transitions. To keep up with these changes, workers need to learn new skills to do their jobs and stay employable. Without proper support in upskilling and reskilling, many workers and adults can have a hard time finding a job.


Promoting a culture

Building the right skills for the future

The Pact for Skills aims to encourage private and public organisations, including employers, trade unions and any other relevant stakeholders, to take action to upskill and reskill Europe’s workers

The initiative offers these organisations advice on funding instruments as well as partnership opportunities, so they can help current and potential workers in Europe to gain skills for the future

With the Pact’s support, organisations will be able to fill skill gaps in the European labour market and redeploy staff into relevant roles. 

As a result, the European workforce will have access to quality upskilling and reskilling opportunities so they can be ready for the challenges of tomorrow. 


Share the Message

Share the message

Spread the word about the Pact for Skills within your professional networks by sharing this page. 

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Any questions?

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