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EIT Digital Business Plan 2023-2024

The EIT Digital Business Plan 2023-2024 should contribute to the expected outcomes set out in the EIT Digital Strategic Agenda 2021-2027, and to the wider expected impacts and respective targets over the longer term.


Publication date
1 June 2022
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
28 September 2022, 17:00 (CEST)
Level of funding
EU level




The EIT Digital Business Plan aims for the relevant and appropriate implementation of the KIC’s (Knowledge and Innovation Communities) multiannual strategy, to demonstrate its excellence (including objectives and ambition; methodology; financial sustainability), its impact (including KIC’s pathwaystowards impact; measures to maximise impact - dissemination,exploitation and communication) and its quality and efficiency of the implementation (including work plan and resources at portfolio level; capacity of participants and KIC Partnership as a whole). The EIT Digital Business Plan aims to address EIT Digital’s target societal challenges and KTI, contributing to achieving the future high-level results and impacts included in the EIT Impact Framework.

Activities/actions supported

The EIT Digital Business Plan 2023-2024, describing the activities at portfolio level, shall be aligned to the EIT Digital Strategic Agenda in the framework of the EIT Strategic Agenda 2021-2027.

Anticipated outcomes

The EIT Digital Business Plan should show how the KIC could contribute to the outcomes and impacts described in the KIC Strategic Agenda and the KPIs in the EIT Impact Framework following the specific EIT Digital’s Impact Pathways, the likely scale and significance of this contribution, and the measures to maximise these impacts in the context of Horizon Europe. 

Institution providing the funding

European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

Size of funding

€32 million



Overview of eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria include the following:

  • Business Plan proposals shall be submitted by KIC Legal Entities (LEs) on behalf of the KIC partnership. The KIC LE will become a beneficiary and signatory of the Grant Agreement. Entities associated to the KIC LE shall accede to the Grant Agreement as co-beneficiaries or shall become affiliated entities to the KIC LE. Other entities (both KIC partners and non-KIC partners) can be recipients of financial support to third parties. 
  • KICs should ensure that partners established in EIT RIS eligible countries (EU member states & horizon europe associated countries & outermost regions) and regions increasingly participate in KIC portfolio of activities moving towards the objective to integrate EIT RIS participants into the portfolio. 

Overview of award criteria

Award criteria include the following:

  • Progress in implementing the multiannual strategy (financial sustainability, impact, good governance, openness); 
  • Level of financial sustainability achieved (2021); 
  • Impact achieved measured by EITcore KPIs (2021); 
  • Business Plan proposal (2023-2024 /2023-2025). 



Application procedures

Applicants must submit their proposal via the Funding and Tenders Portal. The proposal itself consists of two main parts:

Please note that this call is only open to members of KICs (Knowledge and Innovation Communities), i.e. autonomous partnerships of leading higher education institutions, research organisations, companies and other stakeholders in the innovation process that tackles societal challenges through the development of products, services and processes and by nurturing innovative entrepreneurial people.

Application support available

For additional support, please check the following documents:


Link to funding opportunity

Link to the programme for more info