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EIT Cross-KIC Strategic Education

The EIT Cross-KIC Strategic Education aims to elevate the impact of the EIT Community’s entrepreneurship education and skills development agenda through sustainable and effective activities.


Publication date
01 June 2022
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
Level of funding
EU level




The EIT Cross-KIC Strategic Education Plan will elevate the impact of the EIT education agenda and the KICs EIT Alumni organisations. It will contribute to the Digital Education Action Plan implementation in the scope defined by the policy documents and disseminate results of the EIT KICs’ education activities through the EIT learning platform.

Activities/actions supported 

Under this plan, the actions supported are: 

  • EIT Deep Tech Talent initiat+E7+G7

Anticipated outcomes 

The EIT Cross-KIC Strategic Education Plan will:

  • Contribute to the EIT Deep Tech Talent initiative in cooperation with relevant partners
  • Contribute to the Digital Education Action Plan (DEAP) including projects such as Girls Go Circular, according to the targets set in the relevant EU policy documents.
  • Implement the EIT Alumni community’s work programme
  • Promote entrepreneurial education, tech skill development and disseminate good practices and lessons learnt from the EIT community activities, including the EIT Virtual Campus.
  • Build synergies between the EIT KIC education activities and alignment with other relevant programmes and stakeholders, including Green Deal and European Skills Agenda.
  • Facilitate collaboration and merged education activities between the KICs and disseminate new effective education methods, technologies, tools and approaches to better deliver entrepreneurial education and skills development.

Institution providing the funding

European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

Size of funding

€4-6 million 



Overview of eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria include the following:

  • Applicants can be established in an EU Member State including their outermost regions; Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) linked to the Member States; or countries associated to Horizon Europe and certain low- and middle-income countries.

Overview of award criteria

All Cross-KIC strategic proposals will be evaluated against the following award criteria aligned with the Horizon Europe legal framework: excellence, impact and implementation.



Application procedures

Applicants must submit their proposal via the Funding and Tenders Portal. See application form: 

Application support available

The Online Manual, Hoirzon Programme Guide, Funding and Tenders Portal FAQ, Research Enquiry Service, National Contact Points, Enterprise Europe Network, Partner Searc services can be found on the Funding and Tenders portal page.

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