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Talent Strategy & Roadmap for Ontario's Automotive and Mobility Sector

Local authorities in Ontario, Canada developed a roadmap to protecting the competitiveness of the automotive sector as it transforms in line with digitalisation, sustainability, and globalisation.


Publication date
17 December 2021
Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network


This publication presents a strategy for maintaining the competitiveness of the automotive sector in the context of its transformation, and provides a roadmap for preparing the workforce for this transformation. Although this resources was developed for Ontario, Canada, it provides an overview of the efforts needed to maintain a strong automotive sector, including collaboration on upskilling and reskilling, developing a diverse talent pool, adapting the skills of the current workforce, and increasing the inclusion of underrepresented groups. The report also includes labour market findings from a skills needs analysis across the automotive supply chain, as well as good practices in upskilling and reskilling initiatives.

Talent Strategy,Roadmap for Ontario’s Automotive and Mobility Sector


13 FEBRUARY 2023
Talent Strategy & Roadmap for Ontario’s Automotive and Mobility Sector