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Skills Profiling Tool

Use the OECD’s Skills Profiling Tool to access your personalised skill profile and a list of suggested occupations to make use of those skills. The tool assess three types of skills: occupation-specific, foundational, and noncognitive skills.


Publication date
13 June 2023
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


The OECD’s Skills Profiling Tool, available for free online, can be used by career guidance services and individuals to improve career decisions. The Tool assess three types of skills: occupation-specific skills; foundational skills (literacy, numeracy and digital skills); and a set of noncognitive skills using academically validated self-reported tests. The tool then provides an output on a personalised skill profile that allows users to benchmark their results against other users, as well as a list of suggested occupations that make use of these skills. The webpage provides additional information on how to interpret these results.


8 AUGUST 2023
Skills Profiling Tool