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Pact for Skills
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Pact for Skills Annual Report 2023


Publication date
29 April 2024
Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion


In 2023, members of the Pact continued making key steps in implementing and investing in upskilling and reskilling activities for the working age population in Europe.

According to survey results, members’ concerted efforts in upskilling and reskilling have reached nearly 1.5 million individuals. In addition, Pact for Skills members have made an aggregated investment of nearly EUR 151 million into upskilling and reskilling activities. Almost all members responding to the survey have reported making progress towards promoting lifelong learning, skills monitoring, establishing partnerships and creating equal opportunities. Nevertheless, there are remaining outstanding skills needs to address in the future. Technical skills, advanced digital and green skills were ranked by organisations as the types of skills most needed across the majority of industrial ecosystems.


29 APRIL 2024
Pact for Skills annual report_2023