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OECD Skills Outlook 2021

The OECD Skills Outlook 2021 explores how policies, particularly those that govern skills development and use, can best promote lifelong learning for all.


Publication date
15 June 2021
Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion


The OECD Skills Outlook provides new insights into skills issues and policies that influence the well-being of individuals and countries. It analyses the linkages between skills development and a wide range of outcomes such as employment, productivity, and inclusive growth. It further examines how skills can help individuals and countries to thrive in the context of demographic change, migration, globalisation and digitalisation. Each edition, prepared with inputs from experts across the OECD, covers a particular theme, presenting new findings and policy recommendations.


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OECD Skills Outlook 2021


25 AUGUST 2022
OECD Skills Outlook 2021