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Hydrogen Skills Roadmap

In order to address the increasing shift towards a hydrogen-based economy, this report was developed to explore the job and skills needed in the sector, as well as a roadmap for Victoria, Australia to address these needs.


Publication date
1 September 2022
Victorian Hydrogen Hub


This roadmap was developed to show how Victoria, Australia is preparing for the transition towards a hydrogen-based economy, particularly regarding adaptations to education and VET. It includes a summary of existing and expected jobs and skills needed for the hydrogen sector, as well as recommendations for how to meet the needs of this new market. The presentation of hydrogen jobs and skills are divided into job role categories, such as managerial, manufacturing, and trade industry roles. Within each category, the specific job roles are listed alongside what skills, training and education is required. The research is based on consultation with gas, plumbing, construction, transport and manufacturing industry officials, and although it is based on the context in Australia, it is likely relevant to broader geographic contexts.

Hydrogen Skills Roadmap


10 MAY 2023
Hydrogen Skills Roadmap
(9.67 MB - PDF)