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Pact for Skills
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Guidance Handbook: introducing and setting up skills partnerships

This handbook is a resource for organisations to understand the key elements for setting up an effective skills partnership in line with the objectives of the Pact for Skills.


Publication date
20 September 2022 (Last updated on: 18 November 2022)


The Pact for Skills aims to mobilise employers, education and training providers, and public bodies to create upskilling and reskilling opportunities necessary for their long-term economic success.

Large scale and regional skills partnerships are key pillars of the Pact, as they enable employers and organisations to collaborate across economic sectors or geographic regions.

This Handbook aims to be a useful aid to support the process of developing impactful and sustainable skills partnerships, by providing a high-level summary of the key elements for setting up an effective partnership in line with the objectives of the Pact for Skills, as well as by outlining the aims, objectives principles and core elements of a skills partnership, as well as the role of the coordinating organisations and what to expect from the Pact Support Services. 

The Handbook also includes a range of useful recourses for the LSP capacity building and outlines the steps LSPs can take to review their progress in the implementation of their commitments as part of their monitoring and evaluation activities.

Pact for Skills Guidance Handbook front cover


18 NOVEMBER 2022
PACT FOR SKILLS LARGE SCALE AND REGIONAL PARTNERSHIPS, Guidance handbook: introducing and setting up skills partnerships.
(1015.33 KB - PDF)