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Employment and Social Developments in Europe: Addressing labour shortages and skills gaps in the EU

The 2023 Employment and Social Developments in Europe report produced by the European Commission found companies continue to face labour shortages as a result of persistent and evolving skill needs.


Publication date
6 July 2023
European Commission


The European Commission published its 2023 Employment and Social Developments in Europe. It finds that labour shortages are seen across occupations and skill levels, particularly in the construction, healthcare, and STEM sectors. Further, while digital skills are leading to persistent challenges in the ICT sector, they represent less than one tenth of all skills needed in most other occupations. The report goes into further delate on key labour market developments, such as employment trends and adult learning needs, labour shortages in the context of skills needs, and the role of social partners in addressing labour and skills shortages.

Commission report finds labour and skills shortages persist and looks at possible ways to tackle them


7 AUGUST 2023
Employment and Social Developments in Europe