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Data Skills 4 SMEs - Project handbook

The Data Skills 4 SMEs project handbook provides an overview of a successful learning strategy for basic data management skills. It includes an evaluation of its own learning tools, which can be found on the project website.


Publication date
1 November 2022
Erasmus+ project Data Skills 4 SMEs


Data Skills 4 SMEs is an Erasmus+ project focused on providing resources for SMEs to develop data skills. The project handbook describes how online orientation and basic learning for the improvement of data management skills can be successfully arranged. It provides real-life examples and can help companies to get a first overview on what are the main thematic aspects, technical features and mostly encountered problems in designing and setting up these training sessions. The project website additionally includes four free orientation courses that provide introductions to cybersecurity, paperless offices, customer relationship management, and online sales and digital marketing, each with multiple modules.

Data skills 4 SMEs


13 FEBRUARY 2023
Data skills 4 SMEs