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Briefing note - Analysing and comparing VET qualifications

VET qualifications have to be relevant to the local and sectoral context; however, they should also consider the level of comparability with international contexts to ensure workers have opportunities for mobility.


Publication date
1 August 2021


This briefing note by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) conducted a study on VET qualifications across European countries and found there to still be significant variation across qualifications. This paper provides solutions on how VET qualifications can ensure they are relevant to both national and international contexts in order to protect worker mobility. This publication is also available on Cedefop’s website in German, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Slovenian.

Analysing and comparing VET qualifications


8 AUGUST 2023
Analysing and comparing VET qualifications
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