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ASA Learning Platform

This online platform hosts 28 MOOC courses related to the automotive and mobility ecosystem. The courses cover general topics such as management and quality assurance approaches, as well as production, maintenance, and engineering R&D topics.


Publication date
1 January 2022
Automotive Skills Alliance


The ASA Learning Platform hosts 28 MOOCs related to the automotive and mobility ecosystem. This platform was initially developed through the DRIVES blueprint project and is further maintained by the Automotive Skills Alliance, a Large-scale Skills Partnership that has signed the Pact for Skills. The courses hosted on the platform are free and provide the possibility to earn certificates related to specific skills developments. They cover a range of topics, such as the ones included below:

  • General topics, such as the management of innovation projects and SPICE provisional assessment;
  • Production topics, such as Lean Six Sigma and tool and die production;
  • Maintenance topics, such as predictive maintenance;
  • Engineering R&D topics, such as ADAS/ADF testing and validation.
ASA Learning Platform


ASA Learning Platform
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