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Pact for Skills
Regional Skills Partnerships
Regional skills partnership: Lombardy region

Leading organisation: Regione Lombardia (Lombardy Region)

Launched: December 2022

The challenge

Lombardy's industrial and economic policies need improvement to support tech and business growth. This means making production ecosystems more competitive, ensuring sustainability, and boosting international presence while curbing outsourcing and workforce migration.

The ambition

To address these challenges, the regional skills partnership for the Lombardy region aspires to foster systematic collaboration among institutions, businesses, trade unions and other stakeholders. The aim is to tackle current and future skills challenges flexibly and sustainably, promoting equitable and resilient growth while fostering economic and social development. This approach seeks to leverage the region's strengths in production structure, innovative capacity, and attractiveness to drive comprehensive upskilling and reskilling initiatives.

The commitments

The partnership commits to several actions to realise its ambition. Firstly, it pledges to establish a Regional Observatory of the Sustainable Business Taxonomy and New Skills. This initiative aims to align businesses with the EU Sustainable Business Taxonomy requirements and promote sustainability reporting culture beyond regulatory constraints. Secondly, the partnership plans to deliver local workshops to identify companies' skills needs and develop quality training paths for young people, aligning them with regional and European strategies. These workshops will serve as practical platforms for stakeholders to collaborate and implement the Regional Skills Pact's strategic lines at the local level.

Moreover, the partnership aims to facilitate investment in digital skills development by identifying and utilising EU funding opportunities. This includes leveraging resources provided under the 2021–2027 Community Programming and implementing national resilience and recovery plans. By incentivising businesses to develop skills for industrial transition and sustainability, continuous education and technical training, the partnership seeks to enhance Lombardy's digital readiness for economic development and social inclusion. These actions will be periodically reviewed and adjusted to reflect evolving skills gaps and needs, ensuring the partnership remains responsive to the region's changing economic landscape.


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