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Peer-learning event: Developing regional partnerships

On 4 October 2022, the Pact for Skills will organise a virtual peer-learning event titled ‘Developing regional partnerships - Good practices from CoVEs, Cluster platform and S3 regions’.  

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Regional skill partnerships under the Pact for Skills can play a key role in fostering upskilling and reskilling, contributing to economic and social development. They can enhance competitiveness, innovation, knowledge and growth at regional or local level.

However, regional cooperation across Europe varies substantially. A major challenge for skill partnerships is the lack of skill-specific spaces for coordination among relevant actors, which makes it harder to implement a shared vision.

With this peer-learning event, the Pact for Skills aims to provide a space for key actors to establish new, and strengthen existing, regional partnerships for upskilling and reskilling.

In particular, the event aims to:

  • strengthen Pact members’ knowledge and awareness of the regional dimension of upskilling and reskilling;
  • encourage the development of regional partnerships among Pact members and through synergies with EU initiatives;
  • provide good practice examples from Pact members to encourage effective and sustainable regional partnerships.

To ensure a productive discussion, the event is limited to up to 50 attendees. Participation is open to Pact members and large-scale partnership representatives on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration is now closed for this event. 

  • European Commission
  • Tuesday 4 October 2022, 09:30 - 13:00 (CEST)
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Online training

Practical information

Tuesday 4 October 2022, 09:30 - 13:00 (CEST)

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