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Pact for Skills
Illustration showing workers performing tasks relating to the green transition
Stakeholders and businesses

If you are an EU-based company, public or private organisation working in the field of upskilling and reskilling adults you can become a member of the Pact for Skills

Benefits of joining the Pact for Skills

The Pact for Skills will help you make a real change and boost skills for workers within your industry or region

As a Pact member, you can: 

  • join forces with other members to support the reskilling and upskilling within your region or country 
  • learn more about accessing national and EU funding opportunities 
  • help people of working age to develop skills for the future 
  • access EU-level labour market intelligence 
  • fill skill gaps and redeploy staff into relevant roles. 


Illustration showing workers fixing a car

As a member of the Pact, you can take advantage of three dedicated services:

  • The Networking Hub will support you in finding, setting up and strengthening partnerships for upskilling and reskilling. 
  • The Guidance Hub will provide you and your networks with technical expertise and help with carrying out upskilling and reskilling. 
  • The Knowledge Hub is a place where you can find advice and best practices from experts and other members.  

Join the Pact for Skills

The Pact for Skills is open to: 

  • individual companies or other private or public organisations 
  • regional or local partnerships 
  • industrial ecosystems or cross-sectoral partnerships. 


Any questions?

If you have any questions about the Pact for Skills or becoming a member please check our FAQ page or Contact us.


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