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European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) - Austria

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs is the public authority responsible for the implementation of ESF+ and the JTF.  


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22 février 2023
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The Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Wirtschaft, Sektion III/A/9  (Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs, Section III/A/9) is the public authority responsible for managing the ''ESF+ Programme Employment Austria & JTF 2021-2027'' (ESF+ Programm Beschäftigung Österreich & JTF 2021-2027). 

The Operational Programme, as submitted in August 2022, includes the following priorities, many of which are relevant for upskilling and reskilling:

  • Equality for women and men - including innovative childcare services
  • Active ageing - including digitalisation issues
  • Active inclusion - improving professional participation
  • Support for young people in schools and at the transition from school to training and work
  • Access to lifelong learning - including digital competences
  • Social innovation

In addition, three cross-cutting objectives will be considered in each programme and project phase: sustainability, gender equality and non-discrimination.

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