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Pact for Skills
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European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) - Hungary (II)

The Digital Renewal Operational Programme Plus is one of the national Operational Programmes for ESF+ in Hungary.

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02 marts 2023
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The Deputy State Secretariat for the Implementation of EU Developments is the public authority responsible for the implementation of ESF+ in Hungary through the Digital Renewal Operational Programme Plus (Digitális Megújulás Operatív Program Plusz - DIMOP Plusz).

This Operational Programme includes 4 priority interventions:

  1. More intelligent Hungary
  2. High-tech and green transition
  3. Hungary connected
  4. Digital skills

The fourth one is explicitly focusing on the improvement of digital skills. The plans aim to prioritise those with low levels of education and low income to enable them to participate in digital upskilling.

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