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Clinician of the Future: a 2022 report

The challenges faced by the health care sector require new approaches to be adopted by clinicians. This report outlines ‘occupational profiles’ of future clinicians, how they will address these challenges, and what skills they will need to develop.


Publication date
15 March 2022
Elsevier Health


In the context of challenges facing the health sector, such as an aging population, technological advancements, and the strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this report outlines how health care professionals are expected to change in the coming decade. The report outlines four ‘occupational profiles’ of future clinicians, including the existing trends that will impact their skills and competency needs, as well as what these needs are expected to be. While the report covers global trends and topics beyond upskilling and reskilling, it may provide important insights to guide skills development of the health sector within Europe.

Clinician of the Future: a 2022 report


9 MAY 2023
Clinician of the Future: a 2022 report