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Pact for Skills
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Skills and Education Guarentee Pilot

The Skills and Education Portfolio Guarantee Product aims to enhance access to finance for learners, enterprises providing training to their employees, and organisations active in the skills, education and training sectors.


Publication date
11 April 2022
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
30 June 2027, 17:00 (CEST)
Level of funding
  • EU level




The Skills and Education Guarantee Pilot aims to provide financing to higher education providers to enhance and develop what they can offer. This will increase access to education and training and reduce unequal opportunities, by reducing the financial burden on the participant, including by investing in SMEs for them to up- and re-skill their employees.

Activities/actions supported 

The Skills and Education Guarantee Pilot will:

  • Support individuals, students and learners, in order to enhance their education attainment and skills level by unlocking access to finance to cover education and skills gap in Europe resulting from societal and technological transformations;
  • Support the provision of employee training, apprenticeships and the skills transformation efforts by European enterprises by providing risk finance for improving the skills and skills utilisation of their workforce’s skill set;
  • Enhance access to finance to both existing as well as new European organisations active in the field of skills, training and education or developing projects in education field with the objective of stimulating their development, growth and internationalisation;
  • Support the development and/or deployment of services ancillary to skills, training and education.

Anticipated outcomes 

The Skills and Education Guarantee Pilot will remove the barriers to providing more skills and education training to get more people into the labour market and better respond to the economy's needs.

Institution providing the funding

European Investment Fund

Size of funding

€ 30.000-2 million



Overview of eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria include the following:

Overview of award criteria

Award criteria:

The EIF selects financial intermediaries according to a standard process involving due diligence and proof of compliance with relevant standards.



Application procedures

Applicants must download and submitt the relevant application documents, to the EIF by the deadline:

Application support available

More information can be found here:


Link to funding opportunity

Link to the programme for more info