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Pact for Skills
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Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) - Malta

Overview of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for Malta


Дата на публикуване
19 февруари 2021
Начална дата
Модел на крайния срок
На един етап
Краен срок
Level of funding
National level


Reforms and investments under the Maltese National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NNRP) fall under the following 6 main themes:

  1. Addressing climate neutrality;
  2. Decarbonising transport;
  3. Fostering a digital, smart, and resilient economy;
  4. Strengthening the resilience of the health system;
  5. Enhancing quality education and fostering socio-economic sustainability;
  6. Strengthening the institutional framework.

Promoting digital skills is included under Priority 3, but most upskilling and reskilling activities will be covered under Priority 5. This includes a focus on skills acquisition, strengthening skills recognition, developing new educational pathways and investing in strengthening existing education pathways. The Planning and priorities Coordination Division (PPCD) under the Ministry for European Affairs and the Implementation of the Electoral Manifesto is the main public authority responsible for the implementation of the NRRP.

The NNRP is available at this link.


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