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Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) - Croatia

Overview of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for Croatia


Дата на публикуване
19 февруари 2021
Начална дата
Модел на крайния срок
На един етап
Краен срок
Level of funding
National level


Some of the main priorities in Croatia's National Recovery and Resilience Programme (NNRP) that are relevant to upskilling and reskilling include:

  • Development and implementation of new targeted active labour market policies for the purposes of green and digital transition of the labour market;
  • Strengthening of the system of inclusion and monitoring of vulnerable groups in the labour market through improvements of the employment service processes;
  • Setting up and implementation of a voucher system for adult education, training and upskilling.

A wide range of actors are responsible for the implementation of the NNRP in Croatia. The NRRP was signed by the Vice-President of the Government and Minister of Finance, but the measures relevant for upskilling and reskilling are supervised by the Ministry of Labour.

The NNRP is available at this link.


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