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NEWS - Media Literacy

This call aims to support cross-border media literacy initiatives, including knowledge sharing and exchanges on media literacy policies and practices.


Publication date
8 December 2022
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
30 March 2023, 17:00 (CEST)
Funding programme
Level of funding
  • EU level




The overall objective of this call is to promote media literacy and a pluralistic media environment, ultimately fostering artistic expression, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion. This strand specifically focuses on cross-sectoral activities that are adjusting to the technological changes faced by the media. These activities should aim to help citizens use and develop critical understandings of media, and they should support knowledge exchanges and knowledge sharing on relevant policies and best practices.

Activities/actions supported

The specific types of activities related to reskilling and upskilling that are eligible under this call are:

  • Creation and/or distribution of multilingual and/or multicultural material, including interactive content to improve the digital capacities of citizens and their understanding of the media landscape and their resilience against disinformation
  • Development of materials for citizens and trainers targeting all or any age and societal groups
  • Training activities for citizens and educators, including sharing of best practices across linguistic, state and cultural borders
  • Community-led activities to tailor and make accessible the above-mentioned tools and materials

Anticipated outcomes

The Call for Proposals will result in:

  • pan-European consortia, scaling up best practices across national, cultural and linguistic borders, and developing and upscaling media literacy tools and actions to ensure the transfer of such practices to the widest possible audience, covering different types of media delivery modalities;
  • forums for exchange of best practices around specific age groups, groups with limited media literacy skills or access, or those at risk of social exclusion;
  • support for media literacy professionals to adapt their practices to fast developing media formats and changing media consumption patterns.

Institution providing the funding

European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)

Size of funding

EUR 2 000 000



Overview of eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible, the applicants (beneficiaries and affiliated entities) must be legal entities (public or private bodies) established in one of the eligible countries (i.e., EU Member States (including overseas countries and territories (OCTs));  EEA countries and countries associated to the Creative Europe Programme).

Overview of award criteria

Project proposals will be assessed taking into account the following four criteria, for a maximum score of 100 points:

  • Relevance (30 points)
  • Quality of content and activities (30 points)
  • Project management (20 points)
  • Dissemination (20 points)

Projects must receive at least 70 points overall to be considered for funding.


Application procedures

In order to apply for this call, organisations need to create a user account and register using the following link: 

Furthermore, the proposal must be submitted in 4 parts:

  • Part A:  administrative information about the applicant organisations and the summarised budget for the proposal (to be filled in directly online).
  • Part B:  technical content of the proposal. Organisations need to download the mandatory word template, fill it in and upload it as a PDF file.
  • Part C contains additional project data.
  • Annexes to be uploaded as PDF file. 

Application forms are available in the link of the call (see below).

Application support available

For help related to this call, please contact: EACEA-CREATIVE-EUROPE-MEDIA-LITERACYatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (EACEA-CREATIVE-EUROPE-MEDIA-LITERACY[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)


Link to funding opportunity

Link to the programme for more info