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Just Transition Fund (JTF) - Netherlands (Greater Rotterdam Area/Groot-Rijnmond)

Overview of the JTF in Netherlands (Greater Rotterdam Area/Groot-Rijnmond)

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01 januar 2021
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The JTF of the Greater Rotterdam/Groot-Rijnmond Area focuses on innovating and strengthening the regional economy with new, sustainable and/or circular industrial chains, accelerating the transition with investments in technology and an agile and resilient workforce. For the latter different measures are supported, such as measures on retraining, further training and retraining, measures to mobilise labour potential (young and unemployed people), measures to match skills with labour market needs and actions to expand the offer of apprenticeships and reduce mobility barriers.

The Kansen voor West is the main public authority responsible for the implementation of the JTF. More information is available here


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