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Just Transition Fund (JTF) - Luxembourg

Overview of the JTF in Luxembourg


Publication date
1 January 2021
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
31 December 2027, 23:59 (CET)
Funding programme
Level of funding
Regional level


While Luxembourg does not yet have a partnership agreement for the JTF for 2021-2027, according to the 2021-2027 strategic programme "Investing in a smarter and greener Europe", specific priorities for the implementation of the JTF include:

  • Developing and improve the capabilities of research and innovation as well as the use of advanced technologies
  • Taking advantage of the advantages of digitization to the benefit of citizens, businesses, organizations of research and public authorities
  • Strengthening sustainable growth and competitiveness of SMEs and job creation in the SMEs, including through productive investments
  • Promoting energy efficiency measures and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promoting renewable energies
  • Enabling regions and individuals to face the social, economic, environmental and employment issues due to the transition

The Ministère de l’Économie - Direction de la Politique régionale is the main public authority responsible for the JTF. More information can be found here