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Just Transition Fund (JTF) - Italy (Taranto)

Overview of the JTF in Italy (Taranto)


Publication date
1 January 2021
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
31 December 2027, 23:59 (CET)
Funding programme
Level of funding
Regional level


The JTF National Programme Italy 2021-2027 outlines the main investment priorities for the Taranto province. These include the following:

  • Support for the production and storage of energy produced from renewable sources to meet the expected increase in demand as a result of the transition
  • Support for research projects and the development of the green hydrogen supply chain
  • Support for innovative projects to support the ecological transition and protect natural resources
  • Support for research projects with a potential impact on the transition and diversification of the local economy 
  • Strengthening of the capacity for innovation and economic diversification of the territory 
  • Entrepreneurial development enterprise creation and productive investments
  • Support for the establishing upskilling and reskilling training courses for workers affected by the transition and training courses for economic diversification.

Please note that the Territorial Plan was only approved at the end of 2022 and therefore funding is yet to be made available.


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