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European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) - Greece (Eastern Macedonia-Thrace/Ανατολική Μακεδονία-Θράκη)

Managing Authority of the Operational Programme "Eastern Macedonia-Thrace - ERDF/ESF+" (Επιχειρησιακό Πρόγραμμα «Ανατολική Μακεδονία-Θράκη 2021-2027») and investing priorities.


Publication date
2 March 2023
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
31 December 2027, 23:59 (CET)
Level of funding
  • Regional level


The regional operational programme (OP) "South Aegean - ERDF/ESF+ 2021-2027" has a budget of EUR 285 million. The OP focuses this budget towards five key EU policy objectives: 

  1. a more competitive and smarter Europe
  2. a greener, low carbon transition towards a net zero economy Europe
  3. a more connected Europe by enhancing mobility
  4. a more social and inclusive Europe
  5. a Europe closer to citizens by fostering the sustainable and integrated development of all types of territories

These pillars are then translated into relevant priority-axes within the OP. The fourth pillar will finance reskilling and upskilling actions for ESF+ target groups.

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