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Pact for Skills

Large Scale Partnerships under the Pact for Skills

Welcome to the Pact for Skills' dedicated page for Large-Scale Partnerships (LSPs)

The priority of the Pact for Skills is to strengthen collective action on skills development by all stakeholders through skills partnerships.

At EU level, LSPs set up a shared engagement model for collective action where major players in industrial ecosystems and value or supply chains, including associations, relevant public authorities and SMEs, commit to cooperate and invest to provide upskilling and reskilling opportunities for people of working age in the whole industrial ecosystem.

Learn more about the LSPs of the Pact for Skills in each of the 14 industrial ecosystems of the renewed EU Industrial Strategy below by clicking on each ecosystem.

Aerospace & Defence

The Aerospace & Defence ecosystem includes aircraft production, space manufacturing and services, defence products and technologies.

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The Agri-Food ecosystem includes plant and animal production and the processing of food.

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The Construction ecosystem includes building of residential and non-residential estates, roads, railways, utilities and civil engineering.

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Creative & Cultural industries

The Cultural & Creative Industries ecosystem includes newspapers, books, motion pictures, video, television, radio and music.

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The Digital ecosystem includes telecommunications, software, programming, data processing, hosting, manufacturing of computers and electronics.

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Energy Intensive Industries

The Energy-Intensive Industries ecosystem includes raw materials, chemicals, iron and steel, forest-based products, plastics, refining, cement, rubber, metals and fertilisers.

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The Health ecosystem includes pharmaceuticals and other medical products, personal protective equipment, medical services, hospitals, nursing homes and residential care.

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The Electronics ecosystem includes raw materials, semiconductor manufacturing tools and the design of semiconductor components.

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Mobility - Transport - Automotive

The Mobility-Transport-Automotive ecosystem includes the production of motor vehicles, ships, trains, accessories, as well as the repair of transport.

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Proximity & Social Economy

The Proximity & Social Economy ecosystem includes social enterprises, associations and cooperatives aiming at generating a social impact.

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Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy ecosystem includes electric motors, engines and turbines, electric power generation and gas.

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The Retail ecosystem includes retail sales and wholesales connected to consumers.

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The Textiles ecosystem includes the production of textiles, apparel, footwear, leather and jewellery.

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The Tourism ecosystem includes passenger transport and travel, hotels, short term accommodation, restaurants and catering, events and theme parks.

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