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Towards a common vision on addressing SMEs skills needs in the automotive sector: strengthening the development of upskilling and reskilling strategies

The automotive industry will undergo significant changes in the coming years. Paying particular attention to SMEs, this paper identifies the future skills needs of the industry and provides a roadmap for addressing them.


Publication date
13 November 2020
European Commission


The European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) within the European Commission conducted this study to support the automotive industry in identifying skills gaps, highlighting key competences and developing new competences. The study analysed the state of play in upskilling activities by reviewing ongoing initiatives and existing policies, particularly focusing on the situation of SMEs. The paper concludes with a roadmap and supporting actions that can be taken to address skills gaps, raise awareness on skills needs, and increasing the capacity of the sector.

Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills


14 FEBRUARY 2023
Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills
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