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Strengthening work-based learning in VET institutions

This thematic report produced under the ILO’s ADULT project explores initiatives from around the world to strengthen work-based learning in school-based VET, as well as the roles of local industry and social partners.


Publication date
17 November 2022
International Labour Organization


As part of the Apprenticeships Development for Universal Lifelong Learning and Training (ADULT) project led by the International Labour Organization (ILO), this thematic report explores approaches from around the world on strengthening work-based learning within school-based VET. These initiatives include efforts to strengthen ties with industry and social partners, reform policy and government frameworks, modernize education in VET schools, and incorporate work-based learning in VET. The report ends with recommendations for policymakers, industry representatives, and VET schools. It includes case studies on Finland, India, Mexico, and Indonesia.

Strengthening work-based learning in VET institutions


2 MAY 2023
Strengthening work-based learning in VET institutions
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