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Pact for Skills
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So You Need Money!

This online tool provides a range of funding sources for organisations and individuals active in the cultural and creative sectors, which can be tailored to suggest sources dedicated to skills development.


Datum zveřejnění
1 leden 2022
Autor /Autorka
Creatives Unite


This online toolkit by Creatives Unite provides information on regional, national, and specific project calls and finance providers for the cultural and creative sectors. The opportunities can be filtered by what the purpose of the funding is, where the applicant is based, and what type of organisation or enterprise they represent. Under what the purpose of the funding is for, opportunities can be filtered specifically for funding for skills development. After answering these questions, applicants can download a personalized toolkit that generates a PDF with only opportunities that are relevant to them.


14 ÚNOR 2023
Creatives unite - So You Need Money!
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