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Perspectives on policy and practice: Tapping into the potential of big data for skills policy

This publication by the TVET group examines how web-based big data can support skills policy, addressing labor market challenges and enhancing the connection between education and work.


Publication date
1 March 2021


The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) produced this publication on behalf of the inter-agency TVET working group on Skill mismatch in digitised labour markets. The report begins with an overview of labour market and skills trends, including the role big data plays in understanding these. It then discusses how this data can address labor market challenges, reduce skills mismatches, and enhance the connection between education/training and the job market. The report addresses conceptual and practical obstacles, system development, and real-world applications. It showcases global big data initiatives and their impact on policymaking for work and education.

Perspectives on policy and practice


8 AUGUST 2023
Perspectives on policy and practice
(806.64 KB - PDF)