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The next steps for apprenticeship

This joint report from the OECD and Cedefop explores the future of apprenticeship in light of megatrends such as sociodemographic changes, emerging technologies, and evolving work organization.


Publication date
1 January 2021


The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) and OECD produced a joint report on the future of apprenticeships in European and OECD countries. It explores how various megatrends, including sociodemographic changes and technological advancements, have influenced the design, implementation, and potential future of apprenticeship programs. It includes one chapter specifically on the relationship between apprenticeships and vocational and academic education, as well as another chapter on the specific skills that apprenticeships are targeting. It also presents examples from specific countries, including Germany and Sweden.

The next steps for apprenticeship


9 AUGUST 2023
The next steps for apprenticeship