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Industry 4.0 Technologies in Tourism Education

This paper presents an overview of Industry 4.0 technologies and their usage in the tourism sector, highlighting the importance to cover this framework in tourism education. The paper covers the most important skills that will need to be developed.


Publication date
3 February 2021
University of Calabria, Italy


This research paper provides an overview of the usage of Industry 4.0 technologies in the tourism sector. It covers why it is important to include the application of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in tourism education paths, as well as the main topics and skills that should be included.

The study included a unique application of these technologies in the classroom. Data was collected from social media on tourism in the South of Italy, and AI tools were applied to better understand tourist behaviour. Students were then asked to use these insights for the purpose of designing communication and marketing products.

Industry 4.0 Technologies in Tourism Education


Industry 4.0 Technologies in Tourism Education