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Equipping Health Workers with the Right Skills

Jointly produced by the ILO and the OECD, this report covers how health workers can be best equipped for future health crises, digitalization, and demographic changes, as well as methods for skills anticipation in different contexts.


Publication date
15 December 2022
International Labour Organization


While there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to anticipating skills needs in the health workforce, methods are presented on how to determine what approaches may be most impactful in a given setting. It begins with a presentation of the changing skills needs of the health sector, including the most relevant future trends. It then presents how different countries anticipate skills needs amongst the health workforce, providing an in-depth look at 16 countries from around the world, including EU countries Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Sweden. It then ends with an overview of how skills intelligence can be used in policymaking, as well as recommendations on framework conditions and future policies.

Equipping Health Workers with the Right Skills


2 MAY 2023
Equipping Health Workers with the Right Skills
(1.9 MB - PDF)