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Education and Training Monitor 2022: Comparative Report

A number of targets have been set for EU Member States to monitor progress towards the European Education Area’s objectives. This report compares indicators across the EU27 to show what progress has been made, and what still needs more attention.


Publication date
20 October 2022
European Commission


Objectives for the European Education Area focus on improving the education systems and learning opportunities provided within EU Member States. This comparative report tracks progress across the EU27 towards achieving these objectives. The report emphasises the need to improve the inclusivity of education systems, create better opportunities for lifelong learning, better support VET learning, and increase focus on digital and sustainable competences. This report is complemented by 27 country reports that provide deeper insight into the performances of each country, as well as an online Monitor Toolbox that links to the underlying data.

Education and Training Monitor 2022


13 FEBRUARY 2023
Education and Training Monitor 2022