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DRIVES Job Roles

The DRIVES project has developed job role descriptions for 30+ emerging job types, from an artificial intelligence technician to a sensor fusion expert. For each job type, there is a summary leaflet, detailed skills report, and skill & exam porta


Publication date
30 April 2020
DRIVES Blueprint project


The DRIVES project, the Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills in the Automotive sector, has developed 30+ job role descriptions on emerging job types. For each job type included, there project developed a summary leaflet presenting key information about the purpose of the function, a detailed report on the skills required by the position, and a portal that provides an overview of the key competencies that should be covered in an exam. The job profiles included are based on stakeholder consultations on the upcoming challenges and changes that are expected to be faced in the automotive industry.

DRIVES Job Roles


DRIVES Job Roles