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Course plan and curriculum for crane operators

This curriculum handbook provides a course plan for upskilling and reskilling crane operators in the European construction labour force to develop the new digital competences needed in the sector.


Publication date
31 October 2020
Erasmus+ project CRANE 4.0


The curriculum handbook developed through the Erasmus+ CRANE 4.0 project is divided into two sections. The first section contains the description of the course plan, as follows: a. general educational objectives; b. Specific educational objectives; c. Expected learning outcomes; d. The content topics; e. Entry requirements; and f. Final test and assessment criteria. The second section of the handbook covers a didactic manual that contains the methodology and teaching material of the curriculum. The didactic manual and teaching materials are available on the website of the project.



10 FEBRUARY 2023
Course plan and curriculum for Crane Operators